Colles' fracture
a fracture of the lower end of the radius with backward displacement of the lower fragment and radial deviation of the hand at the wrist that produces a characteristic deformity: dinner-folk deformity.
The break usually happens when a fall causes someone to land on their outstretched hands.

Smith fracture

 a fracture of the lower(distal) portion of the radius with forward displacement of the lower fragment—compare colles' fracture
英文名稱: Smith's fracture
中文名稱: Smith氏(橈骨)骨折


柯雷氏骨折(Colles' fracture),定義是遠端橈骨尺骨骨折,距手腕關節一吋內之骨折,且呈現背側移位畸形 (dorsal tilt) 或稱餐叉畸形 (dinner-folk deformity), 始稱柯雷氏骨折,若呈現掌側移位畸形(volar tilt),則稱為史密斯骨折(Smith fracture), 二者的受傷機轉剛好相反,復位的手法相反,故不可不察.


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