Sha la la Walkers

沙啦啦啦 Walkers

There's a girl on my mind 在我夢中有個女孩
And she knows I'm thinking of her 他知道我在想念她
On my way through the day and the night 當白天變為黑夜
The stars shine above me 繁星為我閃耀
She's been gone for sometime 她離開已經有一陣子了
But I know I truly love her 但我知道我是真的愛她
And I'm singing the song 我唱著這首歌
Hoping she'll be back when she hears it 當她聽到這首歌,但願她能回來

※ My heart goes sha la la la la 我的心唱著--沙啦啦啦啦
Sha la la in the morning 在清晨中唱
Oh~~Sha la la la la 哦~~沙啦啦啦啦
Sha la la in the sunshine 在陽光裡唱著
Sha la la la la 沙啦啦啦啦
Sha la la in the evening 在黃昏時分唱著
(Oh~~) Sha la la la la (哦~~) 沙啦啦啦啦
Sha la la la la just for you 這都是為了你

If your love's gone away just like mine 如果你的愛像我一樣已遠走高飛
You'll feel like crying 你很想哭
Sing along maybe once maybe twice 唱首歌吧!一次、兩次都好
Let's try it together 讓我們一起試試看
Some sweet days no one knows she'll return 說不定她會在某個美麗的日子回來
And you'll be happy 而你也會快樂起來
Shadows fade in the sun 陰影在陽光裡消失無蹤
Listen to your heart 傾聽你的心
It is singing (※) 它在歌唱
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